Why choose Cambridge English

Choosing the right English exam – your checklist

Lots of different exams

Are you just starting to learn English or do you already have excellent English language skills? Are you learning English for work, for study, to live in another country? Or to make friends and have fun?Choose from a wide range of exams and tests at all levels and for all needs – Find the exam that’s right for you.

Exams that can take you anywhere

Around the world over 12,500 organisations accept Cambridge English exams. They include universities and colleges, business organisations and government departments. They trust our exams to show how good you are at English.

Learn real international English

Cambridge English exams use materials and situations from everyday life in English-speaking countries. For example, the Listening tests use native speakers from countries including the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada.Our exams cover the four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. This means you can use English in real everyday situations.

Choose where, when and how you take your exam

You can take Cambridge English exams at more than 2,700 centres in 130 countries.We offer hundreds of exam dates throughout the year.For most of our exams, you can choose to take your test on paper or on a computer. Get your results in just two weeks with our computer-based exams.

Test results you can trust

Cambridge English exams show exactly what you can do in English. This is because they are designed and developed using the largest research programme of its kind.You will take your test at a Cambridge ESOL test centre. Test centres follow the highest standards of security and are starting to take photographs of test takers. Our free Online Verification Service will help universities, colleges and employers check that the person showing their certificate is the same person that took the test.

Lots of help and support

On this website you will find preparation and practice materials, such as online practice tests and sample papers. We also work on other learning materials with publishers around the world. These will help you get the best results in your exam.Do you have a disability? Click here for help taking your test.

A Cambridge English certificate

Once you have earned a Cambridge English certificate, you hold one of the most valuable English qualifications in the world.


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