Good job! you made it to level 1! Look at this poem about the legend of Saint George and decide if it’s the way the story goes.



 St George was out walking

He met a dragon on a hill,

It was wise and wonderful

Too glorious to kill


It slept amongst the wild thyme

Where the oxlips and violets grow

Its skin was a luminous fire

That made the English landscape glow


Its tears were England’s crystal rivers

Its breath the mist on England’s moors

Its larder was England’s orchards,

Its house was without doors


St George was in awe of it

It was a thing apart

He hid the sleeping dragon

Inside every English heart


So on this day let’s celebrate

England’s valleys full of light,

The green fire of the landscape

Lakes shivering with delight


Let’s celebrate St George’s Day,

The dragon in repose;

The brilliant lark ascending,

The yew, the oak, the rose.


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