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Hi, I'm Sam, I'm an English teacher based in Catalonia, Spain. I've been teaching since 2010 when I got back from Africa where I lived for seven years managing projects for different NGO's as a volunteer. Now I'm a DoS at a small language school and work as a teacher trainer and language coach for Ensenyament from time to time. I am also an Assessment Specialist, as well as a Speaking and Writing examiner for Cambridge Assessment. I  also tutor MA and DIP students on their projects. In my free time, I love to research and investigate new trends in ELT and experiment with methods and approaches in my lessons, and am especially interested in the cognitive aspect of learning. I also dabble in cooking :) When I'm not working, I disconnect by going some place on my motorbike or scuba diving. I'm not an adrenaline junkie, ha; but I do like adventurous activities and trying new things. Hiking is one of my all-time favourites, and I'll happily go alone if needed. You can reach me via the contact form on the site or via my social network profiles Facebook and Instagram (personal or professional profiles) or by email:

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